Comprehensive Tinnitus Management

At Audiologists Northwest, we’ll work with you to create an individualized treatment plan specifically tailored for your needs to address the attentional, emotional, and cognitive impact of tinnitus. Our treatment plans are designed to help patients live better, more fulfilling, and more productive lives, even if the perception of tinnitus remains.

What you can expect at your appointment

  • Comprehensive health history review and tinnitus screening questionnaire designed to access the severity and negative impact of tinnitus

  • Education and counseling on tinnitus


  • Hearing evaluation comprised of (but not limited to) pure-tone audiogram, speech audiometry, and tympanometry to detect any hearing loss 


  • Tinnitus assessment to identify the pitch and loudness of the tinnitus


  • Creation of an individualized treatment plan focused on your specific needs. Treatment varies from educational counseling to the utilization of sound-based therapies such as Widex Zen Therapy, hearing aids, maskers (e.g. broadband noise), sound enrichment (e.g. soothing music, sound machines), or any combination of these or other treatment options

For mild to moderate levels of perceived tinnitus, a hearing aid that utilizes a masker may be appropriate. Maskers are intended to expose the patient to an external noise at a loud enough volume that it partially or completely covers the sound of their tinnitus.  Another option for mild to moderate levels of perceived tinnitus are sound-based therapies, like other treatment for tinnitus it is not a cure, but may significantly lower the perceived burden and decrease the intensity of tinnitus. Sound based therapies are designed to work with the patient’s brain to reclassify tinnitus as an unimportant sound that can be consciously ignored (known as habituation). For more severe cases, advanced therapies or a combination of the above-mentioned therapies may be recommended to provide more robust relief.

Tinnitus Widex Zen Therapy

What is Widex Zen Therapy?

Widex Zen Therapy is a Treatment for tinnitus to help people bothered by ring or buzzing in their ears. We use the Widex Zen Therapy here at AudiologistsNW to help you find relief. 

Since its introduction in 2012 Widex Zen Therapy has been widely accepted as a comprehensive and professional way of managing tinnitus.

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