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Selecting the most appropriate hearing technology is critical to your hearing success.

What you can expect at your appointment

  • Information about the auditory system and your hearing loss​​

  • Information about cochlear implants and how they work

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the auditory system

  • Hearing aid check and verification


  • Speech in noise testing with use of hearing aids

  • Same day candidacy determination

Hearing aids


Hearing aids are small electronic devices that capture sound and make it louder. They are typically a solution for those who have mild to severe hearing loss and have some remaining healthy sensory calls in their inner ear (cochlear) that can transmit sound to the brain using amplification. The most common type of hearing aid is the Behind-The-Ear design. It hooks over the top of the ear and rests behind it.

Hearing aids vs. cochlear implants


Cochlear implants help those with moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears who are not receiving enough benefit when using hearing aids. For some people, using hearing aids with moderate to profound hearing loss can be like listening to loud, badly tuned radio. It may be loud enough to hear parts of what is being said, but the words are not clear. Cochlear implants are designed to provide clearer sound to help you understand what Is being said.

Sometimes hearing aids are not enough.

There are signs that help you identify when your hearing aids alone do not provide the sound clarity you need to understand conversations.

Signs that your hearing aids may no longer be effective: 

Do you:


  • Frequently ask people to repeat themselves?


  • Have difficulty hearing conversations especially in background noise?


  • Often misunderstand what people say?


  • Have trouble hearing on the telephone?


  • Turn up the volume on the TV louder than others in the room prefer?


  • Feel people often mumble when they talk?


  • Struggle to hear sounds of nature such as birds chirping or rain falling?


  • Find yourself agreeing, smiling or nodding during conversations when you’re not sure what’s been said?


  • Regularly withdrawal from conversations because it’s too difficult to hear?


  • Read lips to understand what people are saying?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then a cochlear implant may be a good solution for you. Our Audiologist can help determine whether you qualify.

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