We Listen So You Can Hear

At Audiologists Northwest, we strive to provide personalized and compassionate audiology services focused on improving the hearing healthcare of each patient to the absolute best of our ability.  Our audiologists have extensive knowledge working with both pediatrics and adults and offer an extensive array of services not found in the Bremerton area.


Audiologists Northwest was established in 1979

Our location: 

Audiologists Northwest was started by Lynn Byrne in 1979. She has dedicated her life over the past 35 years to providing audiology services to thousands of people within our community. In the summer of 2017, Dr. Dustin Spillman joined the practice, and with Lynn as his inspiration and mentor, strives to bring the community the same excellent standard of care. 

At Audiologists Northwest, we strive to provide personalized and compassionate audiology services focused on improving the hearing healthcare of each patient to the absolute best of our ability.  Our audiologists have extensive knowledge of the various types of hearing loss working with both pediatrics and adults to offer an extensive array of hearing loss services not found in the Bremerton area.

Audiologists Northwest is conveniently located in the Manette area of East Bremerton, just a few blocks up Wheaton Way from the Manette bridge roundabout. ​

We Listen So You Can Hear

As we sit down to get to know you better, we will begin by discussing your most important listening needs. This information along with the hearing test results will be reviewed to determine the most appropriate hearing solution for your particular hearing loss. Based on this information, we will present the absolute best Hearing loss treatments utilizing the latest hearing aid technology and sound based therapies.


We work with all of the major hearing aid manufacturers including Widex, Oticon, Unitron, Resound, Phonak, Signia, and Starkey. We believe having extensive knowledge of all major hearing aid brands and other hearing devices better enables us to choose the best product with the features you desire without compromise.  Trusting us with your hearing healthcare means we do extensive work to find the perfect product and the best results.

Tailored Best Practices and Programming

Once the most appropriate hearing devices have been discussed and selected for the patient, our hearing care practitioners will perform tests on the hearing devices to ensure they are operating optimally.


Upon completing these verification tests, we will validate that the hearing devices are working properly by asking the patient questions in regards to sound quality, ear balance, and comfort of the devices. Many studies have pointed to the rationales for performing these measurements in terms of providing the highest level of service to the patients in terms of their communication needs.


Audiology best practices guidelines state that verification and validation testing should be completed to ensure that hearing devices are properly programmed for each individual. 


Doctor of Audiology/ Owner


Having earned his Doctorate in Audiology from Pacific University in Portland, Oregon, Dustin comes to Audiologists Northwest to serve the Key Peninsula's hearing needs. While pursuing his degree in audiology, he has had the great opportunity to work in a wide variety of audiology practices and hospitals across the United States, giving him a vast store of current experience and knowledge.


Dustin has a true passion to improve the hearing health and hearing healthcare of his patients and has a strong commitment to hearing diagnostics, sound based therapies, fitting and programming hearing aids and educating people about hearing loss prevention and hearing healthcare. Although Dustin has lived in the Pacific NW for numerous years, he is actually a native of Louisiana and relishes southern cuisine. He also enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Brittany, their son Arlo, and their two dogs. 



Lynn has been providing audiology services in Bremerton since 1978. Lynn was awarded the Professional Advisor of the Year from the Hearing Loss Association of America in 1998. Governor Gary Locke appointed her to the State of Washington Board of Hearing and Speech where she served from 1998 to 2004 and was the Board Chair from 1999 to 2000. She is an active member of the community.


Lynn joined the Bremerton Central Lions in 1990. She served as President of the Lions Club from 2006-2007 and is currently on the club Board. She served on the Bremerton Central Lions Charitable Foundation from 2007-2009. Lynn is the immediate Past President of the Washington Audiology Alliance.


Audiology Assistant

Taya graduated from the Medical Assistant program at Everest College in May of 2013 and interned at a small family practice for a short time. She has been working for Audiologists Northwest since September of 2013. She started as the patient care coordinator and has recently moved to the back office as Dr. Spillman's Assistant.


Taya is a certified occupational hearing conservationist and performs cleanings and makes minor repairs on hearing aids. She has always had an interest in the medical field especially the ears and loves to help our patients hear better. 


Practice Administrator


Dr. Spillman belongs to the following professional organizations: 

American Academy of Audiology Fellow
American Speech-Language-Hearing Associaton
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